LSU Elections 2019

The Annual LSU Elections provided ample opportunity for LSUTV to provide high-quality live and pre-recorded coverage for Loughborough.

Three live shows, as well as daily live updates and more kept the electorate in the loop in what is a key time for Loughborough and its democratic processes.

Live Reveal

The elections coverage started with the Live Reveal, where our two presenters ran down which candidates would be running in this years’ election. I produced this live show, also acting as Floor Manager on the night.

LSU Elections: Live Reveal (Producer)


The LSUTV elections team created daily elections ‘Newsflash’ updates, to keep the electorate up-to-date on what each candidate was doing, as well as any bans. A week’s worth of ‘Newsflash’ was created by the elections team, under my direction.

LSU Elections Newsflash 1 (Producer & Editor)
LSU Elections Ban Update 1 (Producer)

The Soapbox

The main content during election week was ‘The Sopabox’, our flagship live show, with 2 live linked locations, three presenters, and a live audience. I hosted the debates, which lasted for a total of 4 hours, over 5 candidates. Each of the five interviews were also clipped for Youtube.

‘The Soapbox’ Debates: Vice President (Producer & Presenter)
‘The Soapbox’ Debates: President (Producer & Presenter)
‘The Soapbox’ Debates: Full Show

Results Night

The week of content ended with the live results night, which utilised three live locations across the building, 5 presenters and two live audiences. Audiences were treated to the results, as well as pre, and post election analysis from the presenters and audience.

LSU Elections Results Night 2019 (Producer & Presenter)

Featured Image: ‘The Soapbox’ Promo, David Owens

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