General Election 2019

The Snap General Election of 2019 provided a fantastic opportunity to cover one of the most unpredictable moments in British History. I organised and produced a large-scale live presence for LSUTV during the election, with a live debate with the candidates and a marathon results night show.

Candidate Question Time

Our candidate Question Time debate was a great event. Not only did we get a large amount of students to come and sit in the studio audience, but we managed to produce a high-quality event on a low budget.

Our crew helped to produce the set and lighting, as well as the broadcast element of the show itself, with a large set of volunteers on hand. I presented the evening, and produced the show prior to it going live. Jack Connor Richards was the director.

General Election Question Time

General Election Results Night

On results night, I organised a marathon, 6 hour long live show. Featuring over 30 members of crew, the show was a resounding success, with hundreds of viewers watching live on both YouTube and Facebook.

Results Night: Part 1
Results Night: Part 2
Results Night: Part 3
Results Night: Part 4

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