Sigrid’s Sucker Punch: Pop in its Purest Form

Score: ★★★★★

Released: 8 March 2019

Winner of the BBC Sound of 2018, Sigrid was always destined to be big on the music scene. Rather than rushing out an album, like some might do in that situation, riding on the wave of success, Sigrid instead waited – and published a superb, wholesome blend of pop melody and raw emotion in her debut album, Sucker Punch.

A superstar in waiting, her superb first LP blends explosive pop alongside melodic ballads, composing an album full of feeling, emotion and passion. Many of the songs on the album will already be well known – Don’t Kill My Vibe and Strangers both performed well in the charts back in 2018, and alongside her latest single – Don’t Feel Like Crying – the album had a strong base of feel-good pop anthems.

Each new track packs a punch too. Mine Right Now‘s 80s vibes are energetic and full of life, while Basic, one of the masterpieces of the album evokes emotion over an ever-building and catchy ‘nah nah nah’ melody, which would make anyone tap their foot along to the beat. Both In Vain and Business Dinners have bold and mature cores which build up and blast feel-good pop at the listener.

Dynamite and Level Up, in contrast, provide acoustic ballads to the album, providing a momentary rest between her other more energetic songs, complementing them perfectly – and providing a sublime balance between the two. Her arrangements move beyond and build upon the genre itself: although there is, of course, a core of deftly-orchestrated electronic pop, there are also more instrumental and classical features in their plenty – the electric guitar solo in Sucker Punch, the piano chords that are central to Basic, and the bold strings within Sight of You‘s melody.

However, her original tracks top off what is an incredible album. Don’t Kill my Vibe, a song about her experience being dismissed by a male producers in writing session early in her career – has lost none of its energy and charm, while Strangers and Sucker Punch both continue to throw Sigrid’s raw and unadulterated energy at her listeners.

There is no doubt that Sigrid as a singer has an impressive range and ability – however, it is her songwriting and composing ability which demonstrates her true range and dexterity in Sucker Punch, and shows that she will be a huge hit for years to come.

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