Joshua Gray is a Presenter, Director and Producer who works on primarily both live and pre-recorded news and elections content. He is also a Politics undergraduate specialising in national security, populism, international relations, and parliamentary education.

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“The Soapbox” Debates 2018 & 2019; Elections Results Night 2018 & 2019; The Big Match: Loughborough v Durham; Newsflash; Fight Night: Loughborough v Edinburgh; Coffee House Sessions (Radio); Good Morning Loughborough (Radio); The Social Media Analytics Show 2018; “The Fake News Show” (Radio); Freefest


LSU Elections 2019 Live Reveal; “The Soapbox Debates” 2019; Elections Results Night 2019; The Sing-Off 2018; Stuff in Luff; Newsflash; UEFA U17 Euros 2018; Friday Night Chat


Newsflash; LSU Elections Results Night 2018 & 2019; “The Soapbox” Debates 2019; Friday Night Chat; Fight Night; Freshers 2019; Freefest; UEFA U17 Euros 2018


The Sing-Off 2018; Loughborough University Dance Competition 2018 & 2019; Stuff in Luff; Friday Night Chat; Match Report; Freefest; Maisie Williams @ LSU


Parliamentary Research and Communications Assistant (House of Lords); LSU Democracy and Representation Committee; UK Youth Parliament Procedures Group & Member of Youth Parliament for Kent; Kent Youth County Council

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Joshua Gray is a director, producer and presenter for LSUTV, based in Loughborough and part of the LSU Media family.

A nationally recognised presenter working on award winning shows such as Fight Night, and producing and presenting nationally shortlisted shows such as Stuff in Luff and The Soapbox, he also works as a photographer for sports & events with LSU Lens, and is the host of the Fake News Show, Coffee House Sessions, and Good Morning Loughborough on the radio station LCR. He was also named as one of the top 5 On-Screen Presenters in the UK at the 2019 NaSTA awards, with a spot on the highly coveted shortlist for the award. Within LSU, he also sits on the Democracy and Representation Committee which scrutinises the Constitution and Executive Staff and ensures democratic accountability.

Joshua also worked in the House of Lords as a Research and Communications Assistant, and was formerly the elected Procedures Group Representative for the South East at the UK Youth Parliament, where he had responsibility for the Members of Youth Parliament in that region, for organising events and facilitating the procedure and structure of the organisation. Prior to this, he was successfully elected as the Member of Youth Parliament for Kent and has given evidence to the Youth Select Committee. He was formerly the Cabinet Member for Education, and Chair of the Committee for Mental Health at Kent Youth County Council and the elected member for Maidstone, and was involved in the facilitation of Kent County Council’s HeadStart project.

Formerly working as part of the Tech Crew for events at Loughborough University Student Union, he now works for LSU Marketing as a Photographer and as technical support for events.

An Old Maidstonian, Joshua studied A-Levels in History, Classical Civilisation, Politics and Economics and was the Vice-Captain of Maidstone Grammar School, and now reads Politics at Loughborough University, where he also sits as the Course Representative.

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